Travelling on Christmas: What You Need to Know


We all know holidays add to the stress level almost each of us experience, especially when we have to travel on a Christmas Day by airplane to see our beloved ones. Then flight delays are always a hassle, as no one wants to be stuck at the airport while their family are digging into Christmas dinner.

Fortunately, you are lucky enough if you are reading this article right before your flight! We will remind you and share some simple tips to reduce the holiday stress.

„Worst“ Days to Travel

The infographic, created by eBay, shows that the worst day to travel during the Christmas break is December 22nd and the peak time for annoying delays is between December 20th and 23rd. Those delays might occur due to extreme weather conditions in winter. Fortunately, in most cases, passengers are able to claim compensation for bad weather.

Leave Extra Time for Travelling to Airport

If you have to catch a train or bus to reach the airport, make sure you allow extra time for a possibly modified schedule during the festive days. Furthermore, traffic on entrance roadways, parking shuttles and public transport are heavier than usual, so consider having 1 extra hour for your journey.

Airport Crowded with Christmas Sweaters

Many travellers suggest arriving 45-60 minutes earlier than you normally would. You might get stuck in a security line together with slow moving families in their matching Christmas sweaters on their once a year holiday trip.

Luggage „selfie” Is Always a Good Idea

We all understand that due to the increased airport traffic during a festive season, lost luggage is one of the worst and very likely things to happen. We suggest taking a photo of your luggage tag, given with your boarding pass. In the worst case scenario, you will have your luggage details with you. Another advice is to keep extra cash and medication in your hand luggage.

Have Something to Eat & Read

Even though airports are working on a Christmas Day, we cannot say the same about cafes, bars and restaurants there. Unfortunately, not all of them are working on December 25th. Prepare yourself a bag of your favourite snacks to beat your hunger anytime. Also, make sure you have a book, a newspaper or a magazine in your travelling bag. Airports are perfect places for reading, as they are quiet and have comfortable seats located in the waiting halls.