TOP 5 Weirdest Airports in the World


No one can deny the fact that in our modern and rapidly changing world airports became as popular as railway stations right after their appearance.

Therefore, each day the growing availability of affordable air travel is attracting more and more people to various airports that leave strikingly different impressions!

Thus, if you want to find out why is it so, we invite you to start an intriguing journey towards the answer! Let’s explore it together!

Denver International Airport, USA

At the first glance Denver International Airport, built in 1995, looks just like any other building of this type. It is large, always crowded and full of planes ready either to take off or land. Seems nothing strange, does it? However, some ideas appear to contradict this view.

Despite the fact that DIA is the largest one in the U.S. by its area and has the longest public use runway available in the country, this place is also known for several conspiracy theories that have been covering it since its establishment.

The first oddness that makes a lot of people feel extremely anxious is the shape of the runways that slightly reminds of swastika. At least from the air!

What is more, a number of discussions are triggered by strange markings on the floors. Depending on official data provided, all the symbols are either taken from the Navajo language or are borrowed from the periodic table of elements. However, there are people who believe all these symbols are to illustrate a new type of hepatitis that might be used as a weapon in biological warfare…

Nevertheless, these two legends related to DIA are only small pieces comprising the whole puzzle cloaked in deep mystery.

Don Mueang International Airport, Thailand

Do you know why Don Mueang International airport is placed among the weirdest airports in the world?

The main feature that makes this airport truly unique and attracts so many curious glances is the Kantarat Golf Course built in-between the two main runways.

When planes are due to land all the players are warned to look for “safe heavens” in order to avoid the noise.

Don Mueang International Airport,

Can you imagine yourself playing golf and observing arriving or departing planes at the same time? Fascinating perspective, isn’t it?

Gibraltar Airport, British Overseas Territory

Next, have you ever dreamt of travelling by car or on foot across the main runway at the airport? Our incredible world provides you with such an outstanding opportunity!


Each time someone wants to drive into the city of Gibraltar they might get stuck in traffic just because the road gets closed every time a plane is landing at the airport. You might ask: why? The answer seems to be perfectly simple: because Gibraltar’s busiest road, Winston Churchill Avenue, cuts directly across the runway. People are allowed to walk or drive across it only when there are no planes ready to take off or land there. Astonishing!



Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Caribbean

This airport in particular is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world, even though no major tragedies ever happened there!

The whole island is very small and, correspondingly, the airport owns an extremely short runway meant only for commercial aircraft. However, the thing that threatens all the passengers and pilots the most is the physical position of the runway… One of its sides as well as both ends meet the cliffs dropping into the sea, whereas the other side is marked with high hills.

Juancho E. Yrausquin

Consequently, people say that each time a plane lands or takes off it is possible to smell the danger of it overshooting the runway and ending up in the sea or on the cliffs. Most probably during such journeys stress gets the adrenaline flowing extremely swiftly.

Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, Georgia

Finally, those who have visited this airport would agree that it is one of the most harrowing experiences they have ever gone through.

When looking at one of the runways a person is able to spot two strange objects that seem to be completely out of place. These are two grave markers embedded into the tarmac of the runway! Doesn’t it sound scary?

According to history, the previous property owners used this land for a cemetery… Moreover, when both the owners died they were buried there, too.

SavannahHilton Head International

Nevertheless, after World War II it was decided to convert the cemetery into the airport and all the bodies were moved to another place. However, in order to honour the family, the two grave markers were left there.

Overall, there are far more airports that are famous for various weird and extraordinary features. This time we have decided to pick these! Do you know any others?