TOP 10: Best apps for pilots


Everyone loves technology, and pilots love it even more. Here is a list of great applications which are not only helpful in everyday work environment, but sometimes could even save lives.

1. FlightAware

A great app for the pilot’s family, so they are always aware of the location of their family member. It shows all the flights that are in progress which ATC and NextRad are tracking. It allows zooming into the areas with the bad weather in order to check the flight progress.

2. Jeppesen Mobile TC

You can bring your manuals, approach plates, airport diagrams and terminal procedures everywhere you go!

3. Logbook Pro

LogBook Pro is the most popular and reliable electronic flight logbook software for pilots for over 14 years. It allows to log Certificates, Ratings, Medicals, Reviews, data and flight time.

4. WindSock

Application that was created by pilots for pilots. It’s objective is to calculate and display the wind components that might be encountered during the takeoff and landing.

5. Flight Code

Pilot’s chit sheet that they can always have when traveling or on the job. Application offers codes for ICAO, IATA, FAA and TC airports, aircraft types and airlines. It lists country codes/registration information and gives a list of aviation abbreviations.

6. ForeFlight

 Application‘s AF/D covers 220 countries and includes databases from AOPA, Universal Weather, Aviation‘s UVTripPlanner, FAA, and ForeFlight‘s proprietary research. App provides detailed information on information like frequencies, runway details, diagrams, phone numbers, fuel prices, operating hours and many many more.

7. Sporty’s E6B

 Calculations application which makes it easy and quick to work of any navigational, weigh and balance, or fuel problem, and also performs conventional arithmetic calculations.

8. Aviation Weight & Balance

Simplified weight and balance calculation before every flight which includes plenty of time-saving features and graphical representations.

9. CloudAhoy

CloudAhoy is a great app with 2D and 3D flight profiles and satellite images that helps to analyze the flight, it provides debriefs on all the recorded flights and its history and most importantly, it allows you to share it with your social media friends.

10. Pocket Horizon Pro

A real glass cockpit representation with the Standby Artificial Horizon in the palm of your hand. It’s great as a standby horizon on any airplane, or as a sole supplemental attitude indicator on smaller airplanes.

Hopefully many of these applications will end up on your smart device and help out in the most random life situations. If you have an aviation application that did not make our TOP10 list, but you find it to be extremely useful, send us an email to [email protected] with the information, we will share it with everyone!