Paramedic, firefighter, psychologist, or maybe a flight attendant?


For those who are enthusiastic about the sky and airplanes, a flight attendant career is probably the shortest and the most direct path to aviation. And those who love travelling and is communicative and fast adapting in a multicultural environment should seriously consider adding this occupation to the list of dream professions.

The Initial cabin crew training takes only ten work days to complete, however it is a really intensive course. According to aviation training academy’s BAA Training Deputy Head of Training for Cabin Crew Training Inga Cainikoviene:

“Theoretical part of the training provides variety of information from different professional fields, starting from medical, general aviation, psychology basics and ending with the basic knowledge of physics. That is a considerable baggage of information which needs to be mastered as quickly as possible. In addition, a student must be able to apply this theoretical material during the practical training. We are focusing on the simulation of real emergency situations where students must demonstrate their understanding of the theory and improvement of their skills while using special safety equipment. It is very important for students to be well trained to assess the emergency threat immediately and to take appropriate actions in certain cases.”

After completing the initial training and acquiring certificate, the candidate should apply to airlines for the job interview. If the interview is passed successfully, the candidate will most likely join the company as a new flight attendant. Although, once the job contract is signed, the candidate needs to undergo cabin crew conversion training, lasting around five work days, before starting to operate as a flight attendant.

Alongside the large and versatile baggage of knowledge, this profession also provides additional value. The first perk is that the cabin crew job is not limited to one place – they are constantly traveling. It is a great opportunity to explore the world and still get paid for it. Quite often airlines offer considerable discounts to their employees and their families for the flight tickets, therefore, holidays on a budget with the family is another flight attendant job privilege. Working in a multicultural environment rewards with a possibility to know different cultures, get to know their traditions, or even learn a new language.

Meanwhile, by selecting the VIP flight attendant career you will not only significantly increase the salary, but also acquire an additional unique knowledge.

“VIP cabin crew training provides students with the knowledge that ranges from customer service bases and goes all the way to the exclusive, first-class service skills. VIP personnel training provided by BAA Training is unique with a special attention to practice: students have an opportunity to visit a business class aircraft, part of the practical training takes place in one of the most luxurious restaurants in Vilnius. In addition to that, candidates undergo a basic sommelier course confirmed by a special completion certificate.” – Inga adds.

Additional and quite specific bonus of working in VIP sector is the opportunity to meet talented and successful people or even celebrities.

In conclusion, if the candidate has the right qualities and is motivated to work in the field of aviation, then there shouldn’t be any hesitation to choose the flight attendant profession and live each day differently and exciting.

Currently aviation training center BAA Training invites to learn Initial and VIP cabin crew training at the same time. This is a perfect opportunity to acquire two certificates straightaway and try out two different flight attendants work specifics. Find more information about the training.