New Managing Director Appointed To Lead BAA Training Spain


New Managing director Aurimas Urbonas appointed to lead BAA Training Spain – a modern six simulator aviation training center near Barcelona El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport set to accommodate various pilot training needs: wet and dry full flight simulators lease services, type rating training, and more. New Managing Director will develop and execute the training center’s strategic objectives and drive its organizational success.

“I am delighted to announce Aurimas Urbonas has been appointed as a Managing Director of BAA Training Spain. The launch of the largest BAA Training branch is of critical importance to us, and over the 5 years of staying with the company, Aurimas has proved to be ready for this challenging yet exciting role. His excellent track record, dedication, and collaborative leadership style will help him establish our credentials as an efficient, innovative, and customer-centric training provider in Spain”, said BAA Training CEO Egle Vaitkeviciute.

A 5300-square-meter aviation training facility complements the existing Ab Initio flight training school’s offering and finalizes a full-scope aviation training hub’s project. With the premises ready and projected growth of up to 11 simulators in the future, it will be home for the first six by 2021. BAA Training Spain, located just 10 minutes’ drive from the El Prat airport, the second largest and busiest airport in Spain, has a capacity of 44,000 flight training hours and can provide recurrent training for 4,300 pilots annually. It will soon be equipped with three FFS and three FTD level 2 devices, with the initial two – Airbus A320ceo and Boeing 737 NG FFS – being available for training in March 2021, followed by Boeing 737 MAX in April. 

BAA Training Spain Training centre, photo: BAA Training

As a quickly adaptable company, BAA Training introduces a new cost-efficient training solution where FFS and FTD level 2 training can be combined at a 50/50 ratio, in line with EASA regulation. This alternative training solution will support airlines with their cost-cutting, offering to save up to 40% on every training hour completed on FTD level 2 instead of FFS.

BAA Training Spain Training centre, photo: BAA Training

The newly appointed Managing Director, Aurimas Urbonas, will bear responsibility for BAA Training Spain performance. He will convey and execute the company’s vision, establish and maintain effective links with customers, and develop long-range plans and strategies.

Commenting on the appointment, Aurimas Urbonas said, “Now that I have been given this exciting opportunity to lead BAA Training through the next chapter, I am strongly determined to apply my extensive and versatile management experience to achieve strategic business objectives, ensure profitability and satisfy company’s and its main shareholder’s business needs. I will continue to actively maintain and develop relationships with our corporate clients and expose them to more cost-efficient training opportunities, such as a combination of FFS and FTD level 2 training, as an example.”

Aurimas Urbonas will commence his new leadership role in BAA Training Spain in January 2021.

About Aurimas Urbonas:

Aurimas joined BAA Training in 2016 as a Sales Director and progressed to a Chief Sales Officer’s role later. He has been leading sales teams, driving revenue growth, market share, and profit performance ever since. A mixture of his previous 13 years of sales and top-management experience, along with his high competence level, have helped him make his BAA Training activities aligned to the predetermined company objectives.

Aurimas has been accomplishing great results throughout his career. An engineering and telecommunications company, where he was both a CEO and a Board Member, grew from a local Lithuanian start-up to a business with an established daughter company in Belarus. He also created a value-added package for customers, which allowed for a smooth company transition from a regular supplier’s status to a business partner’s level. At that point in his career path, Aurimas directly cooperated with well-known large-scale clients, such as Carlsberg Group, Royal Unibrew, Coca Cola, and others.

About BAA Training Spain

The brand new training center BAA Training Spain is strategically located near Barcelona-El Prat Airport (10 min drive). A 5,300-square-meter modern training center is set to welcome clients with classrooms, briefing rooms, a luxury lounge, and brand new training equipment suitable for pilot type rating and recurrent training as well as wet and dry FFS lease services. The training center is expected to be opened in January 2021.
BAA Training Spain is set to operate a mix of Airbus and Boeing family FFS and FTD Level 2 simulators by 2021: Airbus A320ceo and Boeing 737 NG will be ready for training (RFT) in March, Boeing 737 MAX – RFT in April, Airbus A320 FTD Level 2 – RFT in Q3, Boeing 737 Ng – RFT in Q4, Boeing 737 MAX – RFT in Q1 2022. With sufficient capacity for up to 11 simulators, a further expansion scheme is being developed.

BAA Training Spain Training centre, photo: BAA Training