How much did you know about Concorde?


The Concorde has been one of the supersonic passenger jet airliners in service since 1976 up to 2003. After Tupolev TU-144 was grounded in 1983, the Concorde remained the only commercial supersonic passenger jet.


Concorde has been developed in collaboration between British Aircraft Corporation and Aerospatiale. The first model was presented in 1969 but its official flight was performed only in 1976.

20 aircraft were made during the time and only 14 of them were used in airline industry. The low number of such planes was produced due to its high price as the plane cost £23 million in 1977, which is equal to £107 million in today`s economy.  It had the higher price than the tactical fighter aircraft Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor.

Engaging facts about Concorde:

Most tested aircraft ever! The aircraft had 5,000 hours of testing before first passenger flight.

Concorde had four very powerful Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 593 turbojet engines. Each engine generated 18.7 tons of thrust, equivalent to 3,000 family cars. Four engines burned an astonishing amount of fuel. To illustrate, Concorde burned more fuel than the average car in six years while taxing the runway. These super power engines made taxiing more difficult than the usual engines.

The passenger of Concorde was able to enjoy the curvature of the Earth during the flight. Cruising altitude was nearly 60,000 feet. The darkness of space can be seen from this high. Each plane had a radiometer on board because of higher level of solar radiation in the exact altitude. 

The Concorde was grounded in 2003 due to the high price. The airlines were not making back the money spent on the safety modifications and other upgrades.