Flight Instructor – why you should become one


Many professional pilots fly around the world every day and they are as happy and fulfilled as they can possibly be. On the other side of the barricades are the pilots, who feel the need to pass on all the knowledge that they have acquired throughout the years and inspire the young and enthusiastic pilots to reach for the sky. For those who are willing to share the knowledge and have already acquired their PPL, CPL, or ATPL license, Flight Instructor program allows to teach and train Ab Initio students.

Baltic Aviation Academy would like to give you a few valid reasons, why you should get the Flight Instructor certificate and spread the “aviation fever”.

  1. Stay sharp. We are all human beings, brushing off on all the theory knowledge it not only advisable but extremely important to do.
  2. Have fun. Aviation academies are fun, they gather together aviation loving personnel and students which makes it exciting to go to work because everyone around is absolutely in love with what they do.
  3. Continue learning. Stay competitive as well as on top of all the changes that have been happening in the industry throughout the years. Teach the theory that you already know and learn about the newest industry advancements.
  4. Amplify your logbook. As you are being trained or training your students, your logbook hours are accumulating, which means you are gaining your experience right then and there.
  5. Stay engaged. Maybe flying your usual route has left you a little bit bored with your job? How about you add some diversity and spice up your daily routine with teaching the theory and practical skills to those, who cannot imagine that aviation can ever get boring.
  6. Get ahead. By having your professional pilot’s license, as well as the Flight Instructor license, you are getting ahead of your competitors, because of the invaluable experience and skills that you are acquiring.
  7. Retire with a plan. If you believe it is already time for you to stop your career as a professional pilot, you can do it, but with a good plan. You can become a flight instructor and help the young pilots to reach the skies.
  8. Increase your income. Just like any other job, Flight Instructor position allows you to make money while still enjoying the industry and the profession! Take advantage of it.
  9. Experience something new. If you always thought that it would be fun to try a new profession, maybe teaching is your second calling. You might never find out what you are good at if you do not try it, right?
  10. Be proud. You have acquired so much knowledge throughout the years and now, that you are a happy professional, share it with the world and be proud of yourself! Not everyone is able to teach the younger generation!

This is a very short list of the reasons why being a flight instructor is such a fulfilling and interesting experience. As one of the Baltic Aviation Academy instructor said it, “once you fall in love with aviation, you cannot fall out of it, and then your goal becomes to make everyone love as much as you do. It’s fulfilling and challenging, yet at the end of the day, you feel like you have accomplished a lot by teaching the younger generation the secrets of aviation”. We are sure you have a number of personal reasons that can motivate you even better than a ten reason list.