DID YOU KNOW: Why Most Airplane Seats are Blue?


Have you ever wondered about the colour of airplane seats? Have you noticed most of them are blue? You may think it is all about the clouds, the sky and the whole magic of a flight. But is it true?

Just think about colours and how they affect us in different situations. Probably, most of us have noticed that there are a lot of famous brand logos or even hospitals designed in blue. According to colour psychology experts, the colour blue boosts confidence and trust in many situations. As Artitudes Design, a graphic design company, specifies, “blue helps a person to relax and inspires safety and serenity”. From the scientific approach, it is believed, that colour blue reduces blood pressure, slows human metabolism and forces our brain to produce more dopamine.

From most airlines’ perspective, positive impacts of the colour blue make travelling experience less stressful and, as a result, ease or even help to overcome the fear of flying. As the seat becomes the only personal space during the flight, why not make it more comfortable, less stressful and more home-like? Keeping this in mind, airlines do not only use blue colour for cabin seats, but also paint the whole cabin of an airplane in calming, dusty colour tones.

Relaxing colours, curved shapes and restful designs make cabin environment friendlier and help to give a superior passenger experience. Although airlines pay much attention to the overall airplane mood, there is a bunch of public and private institutions, where the atmosphere plays an important role and blue is the key colour seen there. Just remember your visit to a doctor, dentist or other place, where you need to be calm and relaxed – you may realize you were surrounded by many shades of blue there. This colour has a positive impact and enhances every space where a person might get nervous.


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