Did You Know: “Chemtrail” Conspiracy Theories – Are They Real?


Perhaps you already heard of a theory that aircrafts exhaust a chemical trail, also called “chemtrail”? Conspiracy theorists claim that it is meant to manage solar radiation, manipulate peoples, control human population, and modify the weather as well as cause illnesses and other health issues.

We all have seen the white or dark trail left behind an aircraft. But what actually is it? Can it really affect our health? Let us go through some of the acclaimed “chemtrails” and explain what it is.

It Comes Out of the Wingtips

It does come out of the wingtips but that is no “chemtrail” – it is called a wingtip vortex. This can be often seen when the air is both cold and humid. Very basic physics really – when an aerodynamic object, in this case, a wing, flies through cold air, it generates a white trail next to the wingtip.

Black Smoke Indicates How Bad it is

When an aircraft exhausts such black clouds, it must be dangerous chemicals? Well, not really – if an airplane produces black smoke from the engines, that means, the combustion in the flame tube is incomplete. The smoke you see is the result of unburnt Carbon. It is just simple exhaust smoke from an older generation aircraft, which is rarely seen these days.

It is Everywhere!

Ok, everyone has seen this – all aircraft leave these white trails behind! Well, this is called a contrail – made up of two words, condensation and trail – it is once again, just basic physics. When the air rushes through the turbine, it gets heated up and exists at the temperature of 600°C, and because outside the temperature is as low as -60°C, air condensates it the cold air and leaves behind a white trail. We leave such contrails ourselves during a cold winter’s day, when we breathe out.

Saw this through the Aircraft’s Window!

This is very clear that something is being dumped out of the aircraft. And it is true. Probably the closest thing to “chemtrails” could be fuel dumping. However, it is a very rare procedure used only in necessary emergency situations to reduce an aircraft’s weight. Either way, in most cases, fuel dumping happens in a very high altitude, where it dissipates. As such, it does not reach the ground in a liquid form and does not rain on people.

However, there are Some Concerns

There is no denying that contrails can spread into cirrus clouds and block sunlight, reducing temperatures. It can also trap heat and have a warming effect on the planet. NASA scientists found that between 1975 and 1994, there was an increase in temperature of the United States that corresponded with the increase in the amount of contrails. The studies do show contrails having a negative impact on the environment, but not in a way the conspiracy theorists claim. It is a concern for the environment, but it is no mind control device.