Did You Know about “Pepsi Concorde”?


Have you ever heard about the “Pepsi plane”? Therefore, this is not just a plane; it is a supersonic passenger jet airliner – Concorde!

In 1996, Pepsi struck a deal with Air France to promote their re-branding and new corporate logo, so an Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde was painted in Pepsi colors as the high point of a massive marketing campaign. It was the most important marketing development in its 100-year history; and apparently the most expensive!



Advertising was a part of Pepsi re-branding from red to blue in the late 90s to differentiate itself from Coke.

The whole operation was to be undertaken secretly as Pepsi wanted to keep all the surprise for the moment when it would unveil its new identity. “Sierra Delta” was thus covered by brown wrapping paper after it was painted so that as few people as possible would be aware of the event.

Interesting fact is that due to the heat generated by Mach +2 flights, Concorde planes were supposed to keep an almost all-white livery; however, this new blue one forced pilots to stay at Mach 1.7 so the plane would not face any problems. 

The colors of Pepsi only lasted for 16 charted flights, after which the aircraft returned to its regular schedule in its old white livery. The amount paid for this campaign remains secret.