Best gift ideas for your favourite pilot


The holidays are approaching! Do not forget to surprise the aviator you know this Christmas. Perhaps you are that pilot yourself and you are looking for a gift for yourself. This time BAA Training is putting forward a few gift ideas – items that every pilot needs, wants and can always make good use of:

Flight Time

As long as pilots are born to fly not to walk, it is possible to please them with some special gifts. If you really want to melt one’s heart, you can get them a gift certificate to the nearest aero club or a ride on a warbird! This will, undoubtedly, become one of the most memorable gifts in your pilot’s life!

Go-Pro camera

During the flights a GoPro is a perfect item to have. Pilots can record their landings, takeoffs, various maneuvers and radio calls. These video records might be very helpful in the future; a pilot can review and analyse their flights as well as procedures and double check what mistakes and decisions he or she has made. This camera can be mounted almost anywhere on the aircraft!

Aviator Sunglasses

These sunglasses are the most important part of the pilot’s uniform! Due to the fact that each pilot’s day is full of the sun, the sunglasses are considered to be the most essential attribute that simply cannot be left aside. An extra pair of fashionable high quality aviator sunglasses would make a valuable gift for every pilot.

iPad Accessories

While flying every single pilot uses an iPad since they have already forgotten paper books and notebooks. Needless to say, different types of accessories for iPad always sound like a good idea. So, grab an iPad yoke mount, a kneeboard or a backup battery!


A transceiver radio makes an excellent present not only for pilots, but for all aviation enthusiasts who like listening to aviators’ and air traffic controllers’ transmissions from the ground – it allows them to have some fun in their free time.

Travel Adaptor

It is a great gift for an international pilot who faces problems with different electrical sockets! It helps to charge multiple types of electronics without hassle.


A pilot spends half of his life travelling from country to country. The quality suitcase seems to be the best friend to a pilot – it will accompany them to any continent through snow, rain and heat. 

Qualification courses for pilots

A good pilot always strives to develop himself! Correspondingly, various qualification courses are a perfect idea for all commercial pilots as these courses allow pilots to become more professional. Even if your favourite aviator is still a pilot student, flight training courses might make a good present, too.

In case the ideas suggested above are too expensive, there is no need to worry because you can always buy or make some aviation-related souvenirs with phrases like “Being a pilot doesn’t make you cool but if you’re cool, you’re probably a pilot”.  We hope that you will manage to hunt down a perfect Christmas gift for your favorite pilot!