BAA Training / ASG News Overview


BAA Training and Avia Solutions Group news overview

BAA Training is expanding its Ab Initio flight school capacity by investing over 1.2M EUR into new learning material and equipment. Recently, the Academy has purchased 4 new aircraft, two Cessna 172 and two Tecnam T2002, which are expected to join the fleet currently consisting of 2 Cessna 172, 2 Tecnam P2006T and 9 Tecnam P2002JF aircraft. In addition to that Academy invested into obtaining new learning materials for ATPL training – Padpilot. The new training tool is expected to help deliver theoretical training smoother and in a more student-friendly way.

Events like Pilot Career Show aim to make hiring procedure easier and more effective, saving a lot of time for pilots. The show gathers leading employers together to introduce their terms, requirements and benefits, and provide a number of opportunities for pilots to choose from. Pilot Career Show, which will take place in North America for the first time this year is to be held in Orlando and Toronto, on August 7 and 9, 2018, respectively. The event will serve as a platform to bring together major airlines and professional pilots, searching for worthy job opportunities. Attendance is free, but requires preliminary registration: