An Aircraft Engine and Its Maintenance (video)


Have you ever considered what allows us to fly? It’s an engine! The aircraft may fly as long as it has its engine while the engine’s life cycle depends on flight hours and number of flights. Therefore, it is very important to maintain it properly.

The KML’s Boeing 777-300s has General Electric’s GE90-115B under the wing. It is the biggest engine in the world with a diameter of 3.25 meters, generating 115 000 pounds of thrust.

To change or replace engine takes a lot of time. For example, KML technical crew can replace an engine in around 24 hours but it requires 50-60 days additionally to start flights again. 


The engine of Airbus A321 has 13640 horsepower and is equal to 28 Formula-1 racing cars. It is 100 times more powerful than an engine of average car! The overhauls are needed after 25,000 hours or around 8 years after being in service.   

See how SWISS Technical Division’s team overhauls A321 engine weighting more than 2.5 tonnes for the first time.

Video source: SWISS YouTube channel, Film by LAUSCHSICHT

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